My First Love

We shall start at the beginning. As all the best things do.

As a girl I was a veritable wild thing. Forever climbing, exploring and rambling.

I grew up in a rural area of California and my parents property was bordered by farms and fields of sheep, horses, cows, snakes and lizards! A paradise for a kid that wanted shenanigans.

The ever constant shadow of my older brother. He was the one with all the big ideas. Football in the field, flying down the hill on the skinniest of skateboards or towed behind his bicycle.  Or visiting the local creek…now there was some trouble meant for me.

I would wade into that creek up to my knees wearing my school jeans without a seconds hesitation and suffer the inevitable consequences when I audibly schlopped through the door and onto moms waxed hardwood floors.

But fortunately, in summer I was free from that worry as I could endlessly live in “Play Clothes” Those magical togs that just didn’t matter enough for mom to fuss about when they walked back in as grimy as ever.

Well it was on one of those sticky summer days when my brother snuck off without me. I was outraged in the way that only an 8 year old that has been left behind can be.

You know the look. Mumbling to myself, kicking at the dirt with my head slung low. How dare he!!

But he made all okay when he presented us with this little living rock he had found down by our favorite muddy spot. It was a Box Turtle!

I was instantly smitten and have remained so ever since.

This early fascination had led to a lifetime in the company of all things scaley. In fact it led directly to a presentation I did for the Central Valley Herpetological Society called Cracking the Shell.


CVHS Promo

It has also led to sharing this love with a great group of fellow enthusiasts at my favorite Box Turtle group on Facebook.  If you share our love of these shelled wonders please feel free to join us!

BTO on Facebook


All in all as I consider the first Wonderstruck moment of my life and where it has led me. I would not change a thing.



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