About Me


My name is Melissa and I have long been friend to the scaley, slithery and shelled creatures that inhabit my world.  From the time I was a pony tailed, freckle faced wild thing tromping through the fields and streams of my small California town. To now(more than a few) years later they have been my companions. I have since left the golden days of childhood behind but still love getting good and mucky in my pursuit of the perfect Western Pond Turtle or Fence Lizard.

Adulthood has brought the joys and adventures of marriage and 3 children who take turns delighting and frustrating. Sometimes all at the same time! It has also brought hundreds of reptiles my way.  So here I will share all that they have taught me.  I hope you enjoy laughing at the escapades and learning some interesting things along the way.

Melissa K Aipia

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