A fantastic course for new tortoise keepers!

I am super duper over the moon excited to announce what some of you already know… Our first class of students begins October 1, 2020!

This program was created in cooperation with the group to support their 15,000+ members. But for new keepers, finding your way through a sea of thousands of voices and opinions is challenging. From that need the Academy was born.

For the last 13 years it has been important to me to be support a group like RTO. From it’s one of a kind Help for Emergencies Fund to the tireless efforts of managers all over the world, RTO is always had a great and generous spirit. I am proud of the work done there.

TortRescue Academy is a private place with a small class size where everyone is only either a student or an instructor. The initial 2 weeks of private instruction is designed to be an interactive combination of self guided reading, loads of question and answer time and live discussions.

The following two weeks these students are then released back to the main group. They will not yet be left alone to the wilds of RTO. They will have access to a private group chat with their fellow classmates and an instructor so they can continue learning from whatever issues may be happening in the main group.

The goal is that once students complete this program they will be more confident and have a clear understanding of how to keep their tortoise happy and healthy for many years to come. I am so excited to welcome each new student in October!

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