TortRescue Academy

The latest educational outreach program from TortRescue

Announcing the latest educational program from TortRescue! Over the years we have spent many hours working to educate and inform through our in person and online. But are always looking to increase our reach the most important audience we have. Brand new keepers!

This will be a private by invitation only group with a small class size so each student has access to the best education we can offer. Designed to help the newest keepers to get the core information they need to have a healthy tortoise for many years to come.

The goal is to minimize the amount of confusion that comes with being new. Social media is full of confusing opinions and individuals with different backgrounds and levels of expertise. It can be incredibly difficult to determine the one clear, true, voice that is actually offering good, scientific and evidence based information that is healthy and simple to follow.

So watch for updates on this exciting new educational opportunity!

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